Changing the music world

In 2001 I, along with Craig Negoescu, Lary Cotten and Heinz Grether formed Open Labs. What we created changed the way music was produced and performed forever. We were the first to produce musical instruments equipped with powerful computers, which helped usher in the electronic music revolution whereby music was produced and performed using computer systems. It was through our products and others like it that computer-based music production and performance became the defacto standard today.

The first instrument we created was the OMX music production system. It was first shown to and tested by world-class music producers including Dr. Dre.



The original OMX was based on Intel processors with a complete professional interface built-in. Later versions such as the OMX Extreme were designed and produced in conjunction with AMD and utilized Opteron processors, the most powerful processors available at the time.

AMD contributed over $250,000 in financial assistance and products to help create the OMX systems as well as the first generation NeKo keyboard production stations.

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