Music Computing releases the world’s most powerful PC for music and 8K video production

Music Computing releases CoreMC 2. Designed for music and 8K video production, the CoreMC 2 picks up from where the original CoreMC stopped. Widely viewed as the most powerful PC for the creative community, the CoreMC was a breakthrough is performance.



The new CoreMC 2 ups the ante as follows:

  • Dual Xeon 18-core processors for a total of 36-cores of processing power.
  • 1TB of DDR4 super-fast RAM.
  • Tens of terabytes of HD and SSD storage.
  • Options for high-end rendering or gaming video cards.
  • All steel chassis with the highest grade components.

“The goal was literally try to create the last computer anyone would need to purchase for music and video production”, said Victor Wong, CEO Music Computing, “With as much power as the CoreMC 2 can provide, I think we may have done just that.”

Starting at $3,239, the new CoreMC 2 is affordable and can be upgraded to its maximum capabilities as needed.

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