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Vapshot, the maker of a new system that can produce vaporized alcohol shots, is causing quite a buzz in bars and clubs with its new technology. For the first time in history, people are throwing back shots of vapor, not liquid, down their throats to consume their favorite alcoholic drinks, and the benefits are potentially game-changing”
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Vapshot, Inc. Releases Alcohol MIST at NCBshow


The NEW Alcohol MIST Home System is an innovative way to present liquor shots to your guests. Alcohol MIST system is designed for home use, which fills disposable latex balloons with a fine mist containing micro-droplets of alcohol ready to be consumed.

You will feel the effects immediately and it brings out the true flavor of the liquor, making it an aromatic and pleasant experience.

Alcohol MIST is designed to allow you to experience the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimizing the bad parts. At only 1/60th the amount of a normal shot 1oz shot, Alcohol MIST shots may even mitigate the possible health issues stemming from the consumption of alcohol in liquid form. With Alcohol MIST, you can have a great buzz all night with a much lower chance of having a hangover the next day. Because Alcohol MIST shots are only 1/60th of a traditional shot, it also contains only 1/60th of the calories. Other social effects of Alcohol MIST may include decreases in drunk driving, resulting in a reduced number of auto accidents and saving lives.

The Alcohol MIST Home system is constructed from the best possible materials with an all aluminum interior structure and exterior. All of the components are either food service or medical grade and are precision tooled for years of trouble-free operation. The Alcohol MIST Home even has built-in color changing lights, guaranteed to make your party a hit!

The Alcohol MIST Home system comes with 12 serving balloons. Additional balloons can be purchased through our online store.

The Alcohol MIST System is designed for home use and it is perfect for private use and personal gatherings up to 100 people.

For commercial use please reference the the Alcohol MIST Silver Commercial System and the Alcohol MIST Pro Commercial System.

Both the Alcohol MIST Pro and Silver commercial systems will debut at the upcoming NCBshow in Las Vegas March 27-28, 2017. Come visit Vapshot, Inc in the main Hall, Booth 101.


Vapshot attends the imbibe LIVE show in London, U.K. 2016


Once again Vapshot is attending the annual imbibe LIVE event in London, U.K. where it is showing its Vapshot systems and accessories.


Shown here is the Gen6 models of the Vapshot Pro for commercial use and Vapshot Mini Home for personal use. They represent the most advanced and well safety tested alcohol vaporization systems in the world.


Vapshot is represented by Victor Wong, CEO and Ernest Acrey, Product Specialist as well as Holly and Stephanie who are demonstrators.


As always, Vapshot has one of the most popular stands at the show and served over 1,000 Vapshot in just the first day.

Vapshot scores a 9.9 out of 10 in review!

From the review:

“Vapshot is a leader in the alcohol vaporizer industry. You’ll find their machines in bars and clubs, but they also manufacture machines for home use too.


Each Vapshot is served in a special container that’s designed to pressurize and vaporize alcohol. To serve, just twist open the cap and pop the top.

The alcohol will vaporize right before your eyes. Now, this isn’t the same as smoking alcohol. You consume the vapor through a straw, and any leftover liquid can be drank just like a regular shot or cocktail.”

Flavshot coming to New Orleans

Flavshot systems are on the way to New Orleans! Look for them starting this weekend.


Throughout the next few months, we will ship additional units in quantity there so if you don’t see them immediately, they will be at your favorite bar or club very soon.

If you want to speed up the process, have your favorite bar or club contact us directly so we can get them one quicker.

Vapshot makes a statement in India: “One of the hottest bar trends of 2016”

This one’s like a rather twisted Heston Blumenthal-meets-Ferran Adrià molecular mixology fantasy cooked up in a Dexter-esque lab. Imagine getting an alcohol-laced buzz by merely inhaling its fumes, before actually slurping down a yummy cocktail. Welcome to the Vapshot, one of the hottest bar trends of 2016. Served in specially-designed containers, which are pressurised and premixed with various spirits, a vapshot is the newest way to enjoy a drink. When served, one simply twists the cap, and a portion of the cocktail will instantly vaporise right before your eyes. The vapour is then consumed using a straw, thus promising instant gratification. Those in the know insist that the process brings out the true flavour of the liquor, making it an aromatic and pleasant experience, as the vapshot is designed to allow you to experience the good parts of drinking alcohol while minimising the bad parts. Well, if only…

Vapshot featured on Yahoo! Finance. 1 of 7 selected worldwide…pretty cool.

Seven tech items you wouldn’t believe exist


Why bother to drink alcohol when you can just inhale it instead?

According to its makers, the bizarre product lets users experience the fun part of drinking alcohol while minimizing the hangover.

At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of alcohol, Vapshots are said to bring out the taste of the liquor and only last for 15 minutes at a time.

“[To use Vapshot] you just twist open the bottle cap like with any other bottle and it will pop on its own. Vapshot contains much less pressure than a bottle of champagne but still puts out a loud pop sound. However, it should be treated like a bottle of champagne,” the manufacturer said on its website.

Vapshot at the NCBShow (Nightclub and Bar show) 2016

Vapshot NCBShow 2016

Vapshot NCBShow 2016


FlavShot pretty much stole the NCBshow 2016 in Las Vegas. Virtually everyone agreed it was the most innovative product there.



We also served over 1,200 FlavShots in a day and a half and had the busiest booth both days of the show.

It was pretty cool.

Best thing was the people / groups that attended the shows were probably some of the best organized and profitable bars / clubs out there, so they understood why Vapshot or FlavShot was a great thing for them.


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