Vapshot adds 2 new vehicles to its fleet

Vapshot recently added two new vehicles to its fleet. Below are pictures of them along with their names. As per the other ones already in service, all of the vehicles are named after people who have made significant contributions to science and technology.


VSS Albert Einstein

The VSS Albert Einstein

VSS Charles Darwin

The VSS Charles Darwin

Currently being built in our “shipyard” are the VSS Marie Curie and VSS George Washington Carver, which will be deployed with the fleet within the next 60 days.

Victor Wong invents system to vaporize alcohol and starts up Vapshot, Inc.

What is Vapshot?

Vapshot is a refreshing new way to enjoy mix drinks, cocktails or shots. Vapshot is served in specially designed containers, which are pressurized and premixed with various spirits. When served, you simply twist the cap, “pop the top” and a portion of the liquor will instantly vaporize right before your eyes. It’s a wonder to behold and a treat to enjoy. The process brings out the true flavor of the liquor, making it an aromatic and pleasant experience.  The vapor is consumed using a straw with the remaining liquor left in liquid form for you to drink as with any normal cocktail or shot.

What’s so great about Vapshot? 

Vapshot (vapor only) is designed to allow you to experience the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimizing the bad parts. With Vapshot, you can have a great buzz all night with a much lower chance of having a hangover the next day. At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of liquor, Vapshots may even mitigate the possible health issues stemming from the consumption of alcohol in liquid form. Other social effects of Vapshots may include decreases in drunk driving, resulting in a reduced number of auto accidents and saving lives.

Vapshot mini was introduced for home and party use after the success of the original commercial model


Vapshot has been a darling for the press and was invited to tour the US with in 2014 and will do go again in 2015.


Vapshot has even been featured by sites such as Buzzfeed. Their video about Vapshot has garnered well over 4 million views to date.

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