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Welcome to my personal blog!

This is where I spotlight some of the things I have achieved to date. As you can see, it’s been pretty fun and interesting so far!

Born in Hong Kong, I left home and traveled to the United States at the tender age of seven. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, I lived with my uncle and aunt and after a few short months, decided to stay. From this auspicious beginning, I quickly developed a passion for music, technology, and the American dream.

Education in Los Angeles was an interesting proposition for me as I attended ESL (English as a second language) classes while in the first grade, but was placed into 4th grade math. It was within the Los Angeles school programs that I first discovered my love for music and picked up the violin.

As in any typical Asian family, I was made to study and practice my violin many hours each day to the point where I was invited to join the all city orchestra in the second grade. It’s conceivable through this rigorous regiment of continual practicing of the violin that I decided to totally take a left turn and became a drummer instead, when my parents finally had to immigrate to the U.S. four years later.

My high school years were spent in Houston, Texas where my parents had settled down. I served as the captain of the drum corps in my high school marching band as well as first seat for the school’s orchestra and jazz band. It was also during this time when I first became aware of computers. I, along with other accelerated-class students, was given access to computers to work and explore with. My love of technologies found fertile ground in the school’s science fairs where my winning entries included computer software that would mimic a teacher teaching various subjects like math and English, as well as design and construction of a CO2 laser, which I inadvertently used to short out all of the electricity at the family operated restaurant during dinner rush hour.

I attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a degree in Economics. It has always been a dream of mine to create new technologies and head my own company. Upon graduation, I did exactly that.

The following is a short list of my achievements in the last decade.

1997 – Founder and CEO, PowerTools: One of a handful of authorized Mac OS compatible computer makers. Highlights: Designed, produced and sold the fastest Mac OS computers ever built up till 1997.

2000 – Founder and CEO, Ecommercesoft: Enterprise Internet-based business software solutions. Highlights: MetroShop, essentially an online ERP system with web-based frontend based on WebObject from Apple, was promoted by Apple as an enterprise software solution for its clients. It was also used to power parts of Lucent Technologies online commerce as well as the LBJ Presidential Library.

Reference: http://www.macobserver.com/news/00/may/000512/metroshopasp.shtml

2003 – Co Founder and CEO (first 2.5 years), Open Labs: Maker of computer enhanced musical instruments. Highlights: Introduced the OMX, NeKo, MiKo, DBeat and SoundSlate to the world and was endorsed by many top producers and aritsts. I created the product concepts for the OMX, original NeKo, Timbaland MiKo, DBeat, SoundSlate, Controller One and Controller II.

Reference: http://www.OpenLabs.com/

2010 – Founder and CEO, Music Computing: Maker of computer enhanced musical instruments. Highlights: Introduced new affordable, yet powerful keyboard production stations, large screen multi-touch controllers and laptop keyboard controllers. I created the product concept and/or designed all the products.

Reference: http://www.MusicComputing.com

I have been quoted in numerous publications worldwide including, MacWorld, PC Magazine, Music Tech and Sound on Sound, as well as daily newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. I have appeared in video and television with notable people including: Timbaland, Lil Jon, Tommy Lee, Teddy Riley, Polow Da Don, KORN, Maroon 5, as well as band members for Prince, Faith Hill and Reba McEntire.

I also currently holds patents in the fields of music technology and computer technologies.


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  • Your achievements are an inspiration, reading through this pages makes me wish and hope to meet you and work with you someday.

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