Music Computing to release new Flagship keyboard production station


On April 20th, 2016, Music Computing will be releasing a brand new FLAGSHIP and bespoke keyboard production station.

It was conceived, designed and built based on the the simple principle of showcasing what is possible technically today, without any limits or restrictions.

Price and specifications will be disclosed on the release date. Acceptance of order requests will be on a case by case basis.

Music Computing™ releases Ultra HD 4K touchscreen conference table with built in motorized liquor dispensing bar, 4K SmartTV touchscreens, and transparent presentation touchscreens.


CES 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada, January 4, 2016 (Hall: Sand G / Booth 82519) – The MotionCOMMAND-T is Music Computing’s line of interactive touchscreen conference tables.

Whether it’s in a boardroom or showroom, the MotionCOMMAND-T allows you to communicate more effectively through its interactive features and touch functions.  It definitely makes an impactful statement to your presentation.



The heart of the MotionCOMMAND-T is the ultra-bright, intensely sharp, Ultra HD 4K touchscreen. Available from 32” to 65”, the interactive touchscreen is equipped with features such as surround sound and Smart TV functions. Up to 255 points of touch is available, allowing for more than one person to use the MotionCOMMAND-T at a time, providing better collaborative work or presentation of information.

The Ultra HD 4K screen can display four (4) times more information than a standard 1080P HD screen.  While you can display up to two (2) full pages of information such as web pages, word documents or power point presentations, an Ultra HD 4K screen can display up to eight (8) full pages.

The MotionCOMMAND-T is available is a variety of shapes, colors and finishes.

Choose the shape that best fits your needs and conference room: oval, rectangle, square, or customize it. Standard sizes are up to 96 inches in length.  We welcome the opportunity to build to your custom specifications.

The standard finish for the MotionCOMMAND-T is made from durable laminates; however, finishes using fine hardwoods are available upon request.

The MotionCOMMAND-T Series 2 allows you to Present, Close, and Celebrate with this year’s new “WOW Option”, which includes a fully motorized bar complete with a 4-bottle liquor dispenser and glass rack, which rise up from their hidden compartments in the table’s legs activated with a hand-held remote control.

The remote allows you to raise the liquor dispenser and glass rack, rotate them and then retract them back down into the table legs.

A stainless steel spill tray keeps things tidy when dispensing the liquor. All bar-related components are restaurant grade, ensuring years of enjoyment.

Included in the “WOW Option”, the MotionCOMMAND-T is equipped with dual command accessory and input ports allowing you to easily connect your laptop or other devices to the touchscreen and built-in speakers to drive presentations or to charge your devices.

Located on each end of the table, the command ports will automatically rotate when the button is pressed on the unit to show the following ports and connectors: 2 x 110V (or 220v) power outlets / 2 x 5v power outlets / 1 x VGA / 1 x HDMI / 1 x USB data port.

Water resistant and easy to use, the touchscreen for the MotionCOMMAND-T will work with any Windows or Mac OS X computer system or laptop. The MotionCOMMAND-T even allows for multi-touch gestures in Mac OS X, something not available in competing products.

Optional integrated computer systems built-into the MotionCOMMAND-T are available per your specifications. The MotionCOMMAND-T Series 2 is the last word in effective presentations, collaboration and luxury.

4k web ces

In addition to the MotionCOMMAND-T, Music Computing will be showing its line of SmartTV touchscreens as well as the MotionCOMMAND ClearVIEW 2, a semi-transparent presentation touchscreen system. Tony Stark in real-life right here at CES!

Complete information, images, videos and pricing can be found at:

Sneak Peek: CoreMC 2, world’s most powerful PC

The NEW Music Computing CoreMC 2, the world’s most powerful PC for 8K Video Editing, 3D and Effects Rendering, Music Production, Stock Trading and THE Ultimate Gaming Experience.

CoreMC 2

Up to Dual Xeon 18-core processors (36 total), 1TB of DDR4 Quad Channel RAM, 3 x SLI or Crossfire Video (24GB) and 38TB of HD Storage.

In stock at:

StudioBLADE keyboard still king of the hill years after its release

The StudioBLADE series keyboards were designed to grow with the user. That is, it was suppose to remain cutting-edge for years or decades, something unheard of for computers. Because it was designed with so much upgradeability and power, it has withstood the test of time.

First introduced with its current power plant over 5 years ago, the StudioBLADE has not needed updating to its computer core as it is still more powerful than any other musical keyboard in the world and provides more power than anyone can possibly use for music production today.

Here is a video spotlighting the StudioBLADE Gen3 model with Victor Wong, CEO Music Computing. It’s amazing what we produced 2 years ago is still this impressive.




Victor Wong creates interactive shoes.

Blings was created to show what an interactive shoe could be. Blings was heavily promoted showing how it would work with an app installed on a mobile phone. However the concept can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Video showing Blings in action.

After Blings was released to the public, Google and Adidas decided to create a technical demonstration of an interactive shoe, which was shown at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where Victor Wong resides. It made world news and launch a number of interactive shoe products by other companies.

Music Computing releases the world’s most powerful PC for music and 8K video production

Music Computing releases CoreMC 2. Designed for music and 8K video production, the CoreMC 2 picks up from where the original CoreMC stopped. Widely viewed as the most powerful PC for the creative community, the CoreMC was a breakthrough is performance.



The new CoreMC 2 ups the ante as follows:

  • Dual Xeon 18-core processors for a total of 36-cores of processing power.
  • 1TB of DDR4 super-fast RAM.
  • Tens of terabytes of HD and SSD storage.
  • Options for high-end rendering or gaming video cards.
  • All steel chassis with the highest grade components.

“The goal was literally try to create the last computer anyone would need to purchase for music and video production”, said Victor Wong, CEO Music Computing, “With as much power as the CoreMC 2 can provide, I think we may have done just that.”

Starting at $3,239, the new CoreMC 2 is affordable and can be upgraded to its maximum capabilities as needed.

Music Computing releases new 4K touchscreens

MotionCOMMAND are the world’s only large-format touchscreens capable of multi-touch gestures in MacOS X as well as in Windows 7 & 8, and Android.

Music Computing’s MotionCOMMAND line of Multi-Touch Touchscreens are designed to work with both Windows and Mac OS X. It is the only one in the world that can provide multi-touch gesture controls native to both Windows and MacOS X.

MotionCOMMAND models are available from 32″ up to 84″ in size with 2 or 10 points of touch.

MotionCOMMAND models are now equipped with 4k Smart TV displays. You may wonder why 4k is important? 4k means more Pixels, in fact 4k TV’s show close to four times the pixels that your current 1080p TV can display, which translate into shaper images for media viewing, even with traditional 1080p content. 4k also means almost four times more information can be displayed on the screen at once, providing for more effective and exciting presentations.

Music Computing becomes supplier to Amazon for large format touchscreens

Music Computing recently was invited to become a direct vendor for large format touchscreens to

The entire line of MotionCOMMAND touchscreens are now available through Amazon PRIME including the 84″ models priced at: $34,999.

MotionCOMMAND 84″ touchscreen

Amazon has made a commitment to stock the MotionCOMMAND line for immediate delivery. Shipping is free if you are an Amazon PRIME member.

Music Computing produces the world’s only MacOS X compatible touchscreens with gestures

Music Computing is a world leader in touchscreen technologies. It specializes on large format models ranging from 32″ to 84″ in size.

Music Computing was the first to offer MacOS X compatible touchscreens in 2010 and in 2015, it is the first and only company to offer touchscreen that also provide multi-touch gestures in MacOS X.





The line called MotionCOMMAND also provide Smart TV functionality and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 also.


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